Before & After Photos

hair transplant before after photo drt hair 1hair transplant before after photos drthair 1
hair transplant beforehair transplant after
drt hair transplant before fotodrt hair transplant after foto
drthair transplant before fotobest hair transplant result
Before - After Photos

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Hair Transplant Photos: Before and After Results

We all have our reasons to choose hair transplant surgery. Be them social or professional, though, we all agree that results matter. DrT unique techniques, surgical expertise, and artisity has global renown for good reason; patients enjoy consistently outstanding results. In fact, barbers usually do not realize our patients have had a procedure! This discreteness is critical for patients to feel their best. At DrT Hairtransplant, our patients often comment how their outlooks change. Near all, though, agree they see greater opportunity in themselves and their surroundings.

Why Hair Transplant Photos?

DrT Hair transplant offers natural and dense hair transplants indiscernible from your original hair. As you may guess, our hair transplant photos reflect such results. One of the first practitioners of FUE worldwide, Dr. Tayfun’s skill and artistry are evident.

Photos are not everything but they serve an important role when deciding on a hair transplant surgeon. Near all clinics have a section for “before and after” hair restoration photos, including DrT Hairtransplant. This section features hair restoration photos from a number of cases for good reason -they display consistency, quality, and pride of purpose. Our hair transplant photos are honest. None of our hair restoration photos receive the editing or airbrushing.