ACell + PRP Injection Therapy

First used to heal wounds, ECM (extracellular matrix), made from ACell and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is now the way to treat hair loss. ECM contains large amounts of proteins that use components of your own blood, along with other natural substances, to reawaken, rebuild and heal tissues and nerves. The result is not only the stimulation of growth in once-thinning areas, but enabling the once thought impossible task of healing scar tissue caused by transplant surgery.

Acell increases blood supply and adult stem cell activity. The bridge allows the healing and regeneration to be carried out by one’s own cells and tissue.

ACell when used properly and in correct combinations as determined by the physician, is most effective when on the receding outer fringe of your hairline and areas where thin hair still exists. ACell significantly restores volume and thickness to once thinning hair, and may even replace graying hair with darker hair.

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Cytokine Rich Plasma (CRP) contains the optimal levels of growth factors without the red blood cells (RBC), white blood cells (WBC), and platelet membranes. It also contains a natural bio-scaffold (ECM) with three times the levels of plasma protein levels needed for scaffold production contained in PRP.


CRP has advantages in non-surgical hair therapy especially woman or with Hair Transplant treatments,because it does contain optimal levels of growth factors and cytokines, like “Interleukin IL-1ra antagonist”, which has demonstrated in studies and in clinical use to be a powerful hair loss reducer and promote regeneration of scalp and implanted hair.


  • An autologous conditioned serum is created using the Sanakin blood receptacle
  • Cell-free serum with no additives
  • Multiplication of the anti-inflammatory interleukins IL-1 RA and of growth factors through the activation of monocytes and thrombocytes


  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • Natural pain relief without taking medications
  • Inhibition of Hairloss process
  • Accelerated regeneration of damaged tissues through the natural anti-inflammatory properties and activation of regeneration
  • Reduction of scar formation


  • Blockage of the IL-1 receptor (triggering inflammation)
  • Stimulation of the natural regeneration process by growth factors
  • Interferes with the pain cascade using the body’s own cytokines for inhibiting inflammation and promoting regeneration
  • The most important components of the autologous serum: IL-1 Ra and various
  • growth factors (e.g. PDGF, TGF, EGF, etc.)


  • Hardly any side effects – serum is 100% autologous
  • Supports the body’s natural healing process
  • Extremely effective due to the optimal ratio of anti-inflammatory interleukins togrowth factors
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Stops local inflammatory processes
  • Reduces intake of anti-inflammatory medications
  • Free of artificial additives, resulting in stronger effect

Regenera Active

Regenera Activa

The discovery of the medical world about the human body continues at full speed. Stem cell technology is getting more advanced every day from the most exciting topics of the last period. Just a few years ago, it was determined that the hair of the cell group we named “Mesenchymal stem cell”, which played a key role in the hair and skin cycle, was found in the bulbous part of the bulb, and in the skin unit surrounding this area.

The treatment is applied to people who do not have complete baldness, go with dilution and have a “Minyaturize”, quince hair-like hair  or in HAIR TRANSPLANT surgery. It can also be applied in cases where it is desired to protect hair density and to increase post-hair transplantation success. It can be used especially in the treatment of “Male type hair loss” in women.

The back of the head with the scalp is numbed by local anesthesia, and then three 2.5mm sized pieces are taken to obtain hair roots and skin islets that contain stem cells. This process is painless, and because the filled samples taken are small, the spot-scar does not stay in place.

Recipient tissue samples are made to be injected with the REGENERATIVE ACTIVATOR kit. The sample obtained contains an average of 80,000-100,000 “mesenchymal stem cells”.

The application is made with scalping injection, just as it is in the mesotherapy method. The application period is approximately 10 minutes. After the procedure, the person continues his daily life. The effect of the procedure is observed after 6 months. The practice is FDA approval. It is a very safe application because the patient’s own cells are used.