hair transplant training course

Hair transplant training courses are hands-on and tailor-made for the attendees trainings . These are available in the beginner and advanced levels. Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu offers 1 week hair restoration with FUE technique courses in our clinic.
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The attendees must be doctors and they may bring one of their nurses for training if they please. Our experienced nurses offer education on surgery room preparation, the equipment used in surgery and the help to doctors in operations in great detail.
The attendees will be attending all of the surgeries with DrT. They will be part of the every step of the surgery and at the end of the training program they will perform their first FUEoperation. Furthermore, DrT offers help with his marketing team on establishing a clinic, finding the necessary equipment and marketing for the attendees.

The most important part of the FUE operation

The first phase of the educational training starts with the anatomy of the scalp, the neural and vascular support for the scalp subjects. Moreover, the education training program includes the hair loss types and hair transplant indications. Furthermore, pre-op instructions are offered for the attendees in great detail. Additionally, the information about necessary publications on the subject and the associations that attendees might benefit, if they decide to join, are included in this educational training program.
In later stages, the educational training program continues with the highlights of the sonar patient consultations, the measurement of the density of the donor area, the usage of Norwoodclassification and the calculation of the graft need for the patients. In the next stage the highlights of the hairline design and the locations of the important anatomic spots and proportions are offered. All of these matters are demonstrated on real patients in detail.
On the matter of the FUE operation, the manual and motorized FUE techniques are explaıned first in the educational training program and the information about necessary equipment, how to actualize of the technique are offered to the doctors step by step in 7 days. At the end the actual applications of these techniques by the attendees are ensured.

After Education for Training

The most important part of the FUE operation is the result stages. For reaching the best results we offer education on the best canalization techniques like sagittal and lateral techniques in great detail for our attendees in order to make sure they reach the best results after thehair transplant training program.

The post-operational tracking also has great importance. Dr. Tayfun Oğuzoğlu and his team offer all of the details of this stage. The information on the documents that are needed to be given to the patients, the washing procedure of the newly transplanted hair, the frequency of the procedure and the information about necessary medications are offered with the demonstrations on real patients by this training program.

At the end of the program, the successful attendees are awarded with a certificate, which indicates that they are educated in the field of FUE technique. Furthermore, the successful attendees may receive a reference letter for joining ISHRS (İnternational Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), if they please.

After the education DrT and one of his nurses offers their help to the doctors who successfully finished the training program for their first operations, if the work schedule allows DrT and his team. However, note that the doctors who finished the educational training program must cover all the expenses for this procedure. Additionally DrT and his team offer their assistance through Skype , e-mail and phone  calls for the successful attendees free of charge for 1 year.

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