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Hair loss in men is often seen at the end of 20s. In addition, the problem of hair loss can be seen in women. Our Team returns you to your old self in 1 day who had thousands of successful hair transplantation operation for over 20 years. In summary hair transplantation is the re-planting process that healthy hair follicles are spread to the area where the holes is opened. After the completely painless hair transplant procedures It is possible to get your old hair. In our hospital, hair transplantation procedures are performed by the Fue Hair Extraction method which is accepted by many authorities.

In this method, the hair follicles taken from the back of the head are planted in the area of hair loss by being kept in certain solutions.The new transplanted hair will start growing after 3-4 months and continue to grow for up to 12 months after the surgery.The final result may be observed after 1 year.

After hair transplantation, you need to preserve the transplanted area for a certain period of time to stabilize your hair follicles. This topic is more detailed at the bottom of the page.

Scientific Follicle Holding Solution 
(Hypotermosol+ATP). Scientific essays report that this solution enables 99% graft liveliness in transplantations lasting more than 4 hours as compared with Saline solution or solutions such as Ringer Lactate.


FUE Hair Transplant or Follicular Unit Extraction is a method of harvesting hair follicles from the donor area (the back and side of scalp where hairs won’t fall out during the patient’s lifetime).In FUE hair transplant, the surgeon extracts each follicular unit one by one using a micro punch that varies in diameter from 0,7mm to 1,1mm. There are many types of punches and ways to use them (manual punches, motorized punches, sharp, blunt, among others)  and all of them can offer good hair transplant results in experienced hands. What makes a big difference is the surgeon’s ability and experience. There is even a robot which helps the surgeon in the extraction process of the FUE.

For our patients who do not want to cut their hair, Unshaven Fue Hair Transplant is done successfully by our doctors.There is no difference between shaved and non-shaved operations.The difference is that only a small part of the head area is shaved and the necessary hair follicles are removed from this area. There won’t be any changes in your hair because your long hair will close the shaved area.


hair transplant Hair Transplant pre operation


When you come to our hospital, your hair and hair bulbs are checked by our doctor before you start the operation. If there is no problem in doing hair transplanation , the doctor decides how many grafts should be transplant.After that, he draws your hair line and you will see that which area your hair will grow. Once approved you will be taken to the operation. You need to have a small breakfast before the operation . Please don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol before the operation.Your health is always important for us.

hair transplant Hair Transplant hair transplant operation


After the first case, the nurses take you to the operation room. Local anesthesia is applied for you do not feel any pain at fort the first time of operation.Then the necessary hair follicles are removed from the back of your head and counted individually. Immediately after being kept in certain solutions then the channels will be opened in the areas where hair will be planted. After that, your lunch will be served in our room with a half-hour break. After dinner the extracted hair roots are carefully planted in the poured areas.

After Hair Transplant Operation hair transplant Hair Transplant after hair transplant operation


After the surgery our patient coordinators inform you about medication and what you should do. The necessary medicines are provided to you free of charge. The ATP given to you is one of the most special solution for healthy hair growth. After all the information has been provided, our transportation staff will take you to the airport or the hotel. Hospital, hotel and airport Transportation is covered by us. We are next to you after the operations is over. We answer your questions with 7/24 assistantship.


Hair Transplant Procedures are being done by  Dr Tayfun Oguzoglu, a Specialist Doctor, who has signed thousands of successful operations for 20 years. If you have any questions about hair transplantation that you have in mind are answered very quickly, free of charge. Please contact us.

WHY been very successful ?

Many physicians feel Liposomal ATP has been a game changer with respect to improving survival in hair transplantation. Especially with FUE where the grafts are finer and more fragile , it is extremely important to use Liposomal ATP spray during the post op period to ensure maximum survival of grafts. 

• It supplies cells ATP to maintain the energy charge of the cell, and thus allow cells/follicles to remain viable during the post-transplant period;

• ATP is a potent vasodilator on dermal arterioles, which increases scalp blood flow to the area being treated;

• The lipid vesicles, once internalized by the cell, are an ideal energy substrate for proliferating cells.

hair transplant Hair Transplant drt atp

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Follicular Unit Extraction

hair transplant Hair Transplant manual fue dr tayfun


Advantages and Disadvantages

Manuel FUE is managed by hand and  it contains inside a cylindirical blade with a diameter of less than 1mm, the diameter of the ends of punches varies between 0.6-1.00 mm. Follicular units are removed manually from the skin by turning. In manual FUE, as well as in micro motorized FUE, according to the length of the follicular units the punch depth is determined manually and the follicular units are collected by hand one by one. It is possibile to extract 1500-2000 follicular  units. It may be considered to remain less scar on the donor area after extraction when it is compared with micro motorized FUE. But so far there is no medical  evidence to prove this.

The possibility of damaging to the follicular units is low because of the minimize speed rotation of the punchs. But at this point there is no any medical work or evidence.

Motorised Fue Hair Transplant hair transplant Hair Transplant motorised fue dr tayfun


Micro motor is a tool  also called as FUE engine.  As the name suggests this tool which contains a small motor inside is an electrical device with it’s special ends. Micro motor tool has different sizes ends, the diameters of these ends can range between 0,6-0,9 mm depending on the patient’s skin and hair.

The ends of the micro motor penetrates into skin by spinning during the extraction of follicular units and allows the extraction of follicular units easily. Punch depth is determined manually according to the length of the follicular unit.

The sessions generally takes less time. Because with micro motor tool the procedure is done more quickly.ıt is possible to extract 3000-3500 grafts follicular units a day and they are collected manually. Because of the importance of rotational speed of punch it may be considered to be damaging to the donor area. But this is not true when is realized by an expert.