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    How Painful is Hair Transplant Surgery?

    This pain, which many people are afraid of in hair transplantation, is actually very small and only felt very lightly during the injection of the local anesthetic, which lasts 3-5 minutes.

    The hair transplant, even though has been out there more than 6 decades, is still scared of most people. Many folks are wondering how painful is hair transplant surgery if they take the procedure. One might be missed is that the hair transplant has become sophisticated and developed especially in these last five years. The procedure is now very effective in promoting new hair growth in the transplanted area without unbearable pain experiences.

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    Hair Transplant Procedure Time

    The hair transplant procedure may take 4-8 hours to complete. Before the surgery begins, the surgeon will provide you a local anesthesia and sedation. Well, you may experience a small pain as the surgeon inject the local anesthetic which only lasts for 3-5 minutes. After that, you will feel numbness which relieves any pain and other sensations during the procedure. The surgery is conducted on an outpatient basis which is most comfortable for patients. In fact, you can have a snack during the procedure.

    In the recovery period, you may experience some side effects including soft pain, redness, and tenderness for sure. However, it may last for just a few days, the doctors may prescribe painkillers or anti-inflammatory medications. If you’re taking the FUE hair transplant, which is the less invasive procedure then you can get back to work within a week after the procedure. As you follow the post-procedure instructions, you can have a more comfortable yet quicker recovery period.

    The transplanted hair will fall out two weeks after the surgery which is actually a normal and temporary post-procedure condition. The new hair growth will replace the hair fall months after the hair transplant. Major hair growth can be noticed from 6 months after the procedure while within a year can see the full hair growth. At this point, you can evaluate the success of hair transplant procedure you’ve taken.

    Hair Transplant Technologies

    How painful is hair transplant surgery should be no longer a big concern as hair transplant is now advanced through methods and technologies? Furthermore, there are expert surgeons who can perform a less invasive procedure and provide natural looks. The hair transplant is the only permanent solution to the hair loss problem so far. Find reputable clinics and take your own procedure. Only experienced surgeons can perform correct and aesthetic-supportive hair transplant procedure.

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