How many grafts do I need?

Hair loss is one of the natural cycles of life for men and women. On the other hand, excessive hair loss, whether it is caused by genetics or external factors, effects people’s social and professional lives and even their phycological well-being. But no need to worry, in many cases hair loss treatments or a hair transplant can easily solve the problem for most people. The most common hair transplant method is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In this method, hair grafts are extracted one by one from the back of the patient’s head and transplanted at the bald areas. But what is a hair graft? A hair graft refers to a part of skin that contains hair. In this sense, a graft can have 1, 2 or even more hair depending on the person’s build, genetics etc. It is important to have an estimation of hair grafts to be transplanted to cover the bald area at the consultation phase by your hair surgeon. Online or face to face consultations are most common methods for these estimations. In general, these estimations are based on Norwood Scale.

Norwood Scale Level Estimated Number of Grafts
NW 1 Not eligible for an operation
NW 2 ~ 1500 grafts
NW 3 ~ 2000 grafts
NW 4 ~ 2500 grafts
NW 5 ~ 2500-3500 grafts
NW 6 ~ 4000-5000 grafts
NW 7 ~ 6000 grafts or more
NW 8 Not eligible for an operation

These are average estimated grafts numbers based on Norwood Scale. It is important to note that the exact number of grafts for your case should be determined by a specialized hair surgeon as your case might differ from these estimations. You can contact us to get your free online consultation!

Which hair transplant method is the best for you?

Many people also wonder about which hair transplant method is the best or most suitable for them. FUE, DHI and Long hair FUE methods are prominent and newest hair transplant methods. In principle, all these methods are FUE based operations. It means that in all these methods the hair grafts will be extracted one by one and transplanted. There are some differences about the applicability or suitability of these methods. The best or most suitable method or methods (you can be eligible for multiple methods) for your case can only be determined by an experienced hair surgeon based on a consultation. You can contact DrT to get your free online consultation!