What is included in a FUE Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey?

Istanbul and Turkey are very popular for FUE hair transplant in the latest years. Thousands of medical tourists visit Turkey for their aesthetics procedures every year. The main reason for this popularity is experienced surgeons, all-inclusive packages, and affordable prices in comparison to other places.


How does it work?

In most cases, the first step for a hair transplant in abroad starts with a non-binding and free online consultation. A patient sends his/her photos to the and get a free report and offer in return. After this initial step, if you like the report and offer, you travel to Turkey to get your procedure. In this case, a patient needs to be in Istanbul for 3-4 days for his/her hair transplant. In a nutshell, you have your procedure in Turkey and can travel back to home just in a couple of days. Furthermore, Turkish offer all-inclusive deals to the patients. In this case, the patient only has to take care of their own flight tickets.


What is included in all-Inclusive packages?

In general, accommodation, airport transfers, operation, all the necessary medications are all included in these packages. In this sense, everything is taken care of by the . Only the flight tickets have to be arranged by the patient. In this respect, medical tourism in Turkey is very popular, efficient, and affordable.


Why a hair transplant in Turkey is affordable?

The main reason is the lower living costs and expenses in Turkey for a hair surgeon. The favorable exchange rates between foreign currencies to Turkish liras is also another major reason. In this sense, people can afford to have their operations with an experienced and even world-renown hair surgeons for affordable prices in Turkey. So, you can have a world-class medical service in Turkey with better prices.


What happens after a hair transplant operation?

In most cases, the first control and hair wash are done by the after the operation. provide all the medications and shampoos for the post-operation care. Hair transplant post-operation care after the first control is very easy and straightforward. There are special instructions to wash your hair at the initial 14 days after a hair transplant. And that is basically it. Furthermore, Turkish offer free online post-operation controls in which you provide photos for the every now and then, and they check your progress. In this respect, everything works efficiently for the hair growth process.