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Hair Transplants

In this page you will find detailed information about hair transplants in detail and in a comprehensive way. For detailed information about hair transplants please read the article. Hair Loss can strike everyone including Celebrities, which may result in a more stressful condition as they’re required to be good looking all the time. Hair transplants become the solutions for those who experience hair loss issue. James Nesbitt, Jake Quickenden, Ashley, Calum Best, Wayne Rooney, and many other celebrities are to be lucky ones as they’re living in a period where hair transplants are widely available and developed. As you see the results on those celebrities, you’ll get inspired and triggered to take your own procedure.

Hair Transplants are surgical procedures designed to restore hair from baldness through follicle transplants harvested from other parts of the head scalp. The healthy grafts are harvested from the back or side part of the head scalp and replanted to the baldy area. Hair transplants can overcome the baldness due to a natural process, post-surgery, or any scars. Hair transplants provide a permanent result with a year of growing process after the procedure. Hair transplants are categorized as a cosmetic surgery which requires you to take the procedure to specific hospitals or facilities privately.

The hair transplant surgical procedure will involve local anesthesia and sedation. Hair transplants are majorly conducted in two ways: Follicular Unit Transplantation(FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE). In FUT, the surgeon will move a strip of hair follicles from the back or side part of the head and separate it. The follicles are divided into grafts which each contains a pair of hair. Then, the grafts will be replanted to the scalp through incisions previously made by the surgeon. The wound caused by follicle removal will be thoroughly stitched. In he FEU, your hair might be shaved before surgeon uses special punches which are sometimes robotic to remove the follicles one by one. Those healthy follicles will be replanted in the balding area through incision previously made by the surgeon on your scalp.

FUE will certainly take a longer time than FUT as the surgeon has to harvest and replant the follicles individually one by one. Common FUE procedure may involve 1500 – 3000 grafts for hair transplants. However, most surgeons can transplant up to four thousand grafts in one day. It means you won’t take overnight in the hospital for a single hair transplants procedure. FUE could be 50% more expensive than FUT per procedure. Now, the FUE has beaten FUT as the leading hair transplants procedure. Many celebrities take FUE procedure for their hair transplants. In fact, celebrities like footballer Way Rooney or model Calum Best use the FUE procedure.


FUE has taken over the major market for hair transplants and still growing. The FUE provide more invisible scar due to the incisions in procedures. FUE has been developed in method and tools. The surgeon uses a smaller micro punch that allows creating a very small scarring for each incision. If you’re a man who loves short haircut then you should take FUE procedure over FUT procedure as the wound is barely seen.

Recently, robotic machinery is used to support the follicle extraction in the FUE procedures. In fact, there is no any robotic system may support the FUT procedure. With the robotic extraction machine, the surgeon can selectively harvest the follicles and precisely plant the grafts to the balding areal so it can result in natural looks. The robot machine is programmable so it can be adjusted to a certain pattern, task, and commands. However, there are still major hospitals apply the manual procedure as the robotic system shows some disadvantages including a high rate of graft falls, more scarring, and certainly more expensive than the manual procedures.

No Shave Hair Transplant
Turkey becomes one of the top countries to offer hair transplant service

Hair Transplants procedure cost vary based on different cases and hospitals. The hair transplants for severer case tend to be more costly as the balding has spread on the larger scalp surface area. Hair transplants may be priced from a thousand to tens thousand dollars depending on the cases, clinic, and package you take.


Hair Transplants procedure can be finished in one day and you should get a pain relief medication to help you manage the recovery. You should be able to do your normal activities on three-day post-surgical FUT or FEU hair transplants procedure. As your scalp wound might not completely be healed, you’re required to be more cautious during a couple weeks after the procedure.

You can remove the bandages several days after the procedure, you’re allowed to wash your hair in a very gentle way only by your hand. It’s suggested for you to wear any buttoned shirts instead of t-shirts as it won’t bother your wounded head. You can remove solvable stitches a week after the procedure. Before growing back, the transplanted hair may fall over the time after few weeks. The hair falls occur in the donor area is called as shock loss, it happens due to traumatized artificially moved from the one part to another part of the head scalp. You should find that new hair starts growing in a half-year. You can see the hair transplants optimum result within 12 to 18 months after the procedure.

Complications like infections may rarely occur on your wounded scalp. In such case, you can remedy it with antibiotics, but the most important thing is that you need to consult your doctor for any complications or issues occur after the procedure. There is a possibility that follicles transplanted to the balding are can’t grow at all which may lead to cyst forming. In such case, you need to go back to the surgeon removing any ingrown hair. There is also a possibility where the transplanted grafts fall in small to a large number. A good quality hair transplants procedure should perform low rate of falling grafts for around 5 percent.


However, hair transplants are the leading hair loss solutions as they provide real and reliable results. Not only celebrities can enjoy the benefit of hair transplants, everybody can enjoy it. If you’re on a budget FUT procedure might be okay, however, if you want a better result you can invest more in FUE procedure.