Motorized vs. Manual FUE

The comparison between motorized and manual FUE is not a new subject in the field of hair transplant. Many experts are scientifically contented about the superiority of one method to the other. In a way, there is not a clear winner in this competition. However, both methods have respective advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we aim to provide information about these two methods’ advantages and disadvantages.

Manual FUE

Manual FUE method considered to be the first follicular unit excision method available. In this sense, manual FUE enjoyed a vast popularity until motorized FUE methods become available. In a nutshell, the hair follicles are extracted with a hollow, cylinder-shaped needle (a punch) manually in this method. Follicles are extracted with a manual tool by a manual force. In this sense, the surgeon has to decide on the depth and force s/he is applying with the manual FUE punch.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual FUE

In general, manual FUE has advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of the manual FUE method was the extraction of the grafts one by one for the first time after the old FUT method (which involves stipe shaped incisions in the donor area). The introduction of the manual FUE method was a major step in order to avoid a big stripe shaped scar formation after the transplantation. Manual FUE method is a slower and time-consuming method. Since the grafts are extracted manually by a hair surgeon, it is only possible to extract 1500 to 2000 grafts in one session. Because the procedure takes a long time and jeopardizes the hand-eye coordination of the surgeon. In this sense, it is likely for a patient to have multiple hair transplant sessions in order to reach a full coverage with manual FUE method. Moreover, the manual punches generally have a bigger diameter in comparison to motorized FUE tools, because the punch has to be operated by hand. So, there is a slightly bigger scar formation in comparison.

Motorized FUE

Motorized FUE method is one of the most advanced hair transplant extraction methods available in the field. In a general sense, the hair follicles are extracted with a motorized device. Similar to the manual FUE, an extraction punch is attached to this motorized device. Furthermore, it is possible to use hybrid punches with motorized FUE method. Hybrid punches have dull tips and minimizes the scar formation. It is possible to use these hybrid punches because of the force created by the motorized device is greater and at the same time controllable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Motorized FUE

The main advantage of the motorized FUE is its unmatched speed and extraction rate. Motorized FUE tools can extract approximately 3500-4000 grafts per session. This is a clear advantage of this tool. In a way, it creates the opportunity to offer a full coverage for many cases in just one session. In this sense, around 4000 grafts can be transplanted in the matter of hours and not days. On the other hand, there were some discussions about scar formation rates of the motorized FUE operations. However, this discussion was ceased after the introduction of the hybrid and smaller diameter punches for the motorized FUE method. Motorized FUE method with hybrid punches is one of the safest hair transplant options available. The scar formation with hybrid and smaller diameter punches with motorized FUE is minimized. In a sense, motorized FUE is safer for the donor area than other hair transplant methods.


In general, it can be said that both manual and motorized FUE methods are good and useful. They offer major advantages in comparison to the former FUT method. However, after latest developments such as hybrid punches motorized FUE option is more effective than the manual FUE. In a sense, motorized FUE is a more advanced technology which offer more efficiency in terms of graft numbers and scar formation. At Drt Hair we always choose the best and most effective methods for our patients. Our doctors prefer and suggest using motorized FUE extraction with hybrid punches because of its clear advantages. You can always contact our to find out the best treatment option for your case. We offer free online consultations via our website.