FUE Hair Transplants Methods: Classic FUE, Donor-Shaved or Long Hair FUE

There are some different types of FUE hair transplant methods and there is a confusion about advantages in comparison to each other. This article aims to clarify these methods and their advantages.

In principle, all of them refers to the different versions of the same hair transplant technique. In all of them, new channels are opened with the incisions by sapphire blades, hair grafts are extracted with motorized devices and at the end hair grafts are implanted into these new channels. This method also can be called sapphire FUE. The main difference between classic, donor-shaved, and long hair FUE is the requirement of hair trimming, shaving or cutting before the operation. These methods offer different visual recovery periods; besides the classic method the main idea is to offer discretion and privacy for the patients who would like to return to their normal lives as soon as possible.

Classic FUE

Let’s start from the basics with classic FUE operations. In these operations, all of the patient’s hair (donor and recipient) should be trimmed 1-2 mm long. This is the requirement for classic FUE devices and punches. Hair grafts are extracted with punches which have diameters between 0.6-0.9 mm. It’s straightforward and classic. The outlook recovery for the patient is around 10-14 days. In this period, patient would lose all the scabs and all of the indications of the operation. At the end of 14 days, a patient would look like s/he only has really short hair.

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Donor Shaved FUE

In donor shaved operations, only the donor area is trimmed for extraction and recipient area remains as it is. It is a very common technique. In this method, hair grafts are extracted and implanted short. The main aim is to accelerate the return of the patient to his/her social life. In this case, the scabs can be partially concealed with the long hair on the recipient area. The patient can retain their regular outlook in a shorter amount of time than classic FUE operations. Because one does not have to wait for the full regrowth of the hair as in classic FUE operations. In a nutshell, donor shaved FUE operations offers partial discretion and privacy. Also, offers better outlook at the initial recovery period.

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Partial Donor Shaved FUE

Partial Donor Shaved FUE is not a different method itself. This is a very similar technique is to donor shaved FUE. In this case, some rectangle shaped parts are shaved in patient’s donor area, these parts should be prepared 1 day before the operation. Long hair of the patient covers these rectangle shaped areas when they are combed over. This technique is commonly used for female patients; however, this method can only offer around 1500 grafts.

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Non-Shaved FUE

What we call non-shaved FUE method is an operation that involves no hair trimming at all. There is no cutting, shaving or trimming of any part of the patient’s hair. In this method, the hair grafts are extracted with a special technique without shaving patient’s donor hair. The hair grafts extracted short by cutting them one by one at the time extraction. This method cover the indications of the operation better and there is no need to cut any part of patient’s hair. However, only around 1500 grafts can be extractable per operation with this method.

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Long Hair FUE

Long Hair FUE operations involve no hair trimming at all. There is no cutting, shaving or trimming of any part of the patient’s hair. Also, the hair grafts are extracted and implanted long. This is a very advanced technique that requires some special equipment and surgeon. In order to extract long hair grafts, we need specialized/sophisticated punches and motors that have special software that are designed specifically for this purpose.

Long hair operations also require a highly experienced doctor. Long years of experience in FUE operations is required before performing long hair FUE. Up until now around 1000-1200 graft were transplantable with this method. Recently, our Chief Physician Dr. Tayfun Oguzoglu has started to perform long hair FUE operations for around 3200-3500 grafts with special devices and his personal advancement of the technique at Drt Hair.

After Long Hair FUE operations, patients can immediately return to their social, daily or professional lives without any signs of an operation at the very next day. In general, there are no signs of operation after the operation at the initial recovery process. This technique provides a major convenience for the patients who has aesthetic reservations and would like to return their lives immediately. Long hair FUE offer full discretion and privacy for the patients.

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