Post-operation Care (Aftercare) for a Hair Transplant: Is it hard or painful?

Post-operative care of the hair transplant considered to be a very simple and straightforward process. In general, there are some restrictions and washing instructions to be followed after the operation. One should only follow their doctor’s instructions and washing directives. However, there are some issues and frequent questions about this period. This article aims to answer the most common questions about hair transplant aftercare process.

  • When Can I Go Back to Work?

Hair Transplant has a very comfortable and light recovery and post-operation period. In most cases, it is okay to go back to work after the first wash and control. Basically, it is okay to go back to work after the second day. However, most of the people wonders about the outlook for going back to work or public. The only outlook problem hair transplant causes is the scabs that are formed after the operation. Scabs are lost by washing. Furthermore, they are completely disappeared after 10-14 days. After 14 days there are nearly no signs of a hair transplant.

  • When Can I Go Back to Doing Sports?

After a hair transplant you should avoid excessive sweating for at least 14 days. After 14 days, it is okay to do light sports while minding your head. Furthermore, after the first month you can go back to vigorous physical activities such as heavy lifting. Also, activities like swimming should be avoided for at least a month.

  • How Should I Wash My Hair?

There are specific daily (for 14 days) instructions of hair wash after a hair transplant operation. There are only applying lotion and shampooing involved in this process. You should start washing your hair own your own after the third day. It is generally suggested to gently use your fingertips to massage the recipient area and then rinse off. Furthermore, you should not use a towel at least for 14 days. In the most general sense, you only need to carefully wash your hair for 14 days, after that point you can go back to your own routine.

  • Is the Healing Process Painful After a Hair Transplant?

The healing process of a hair transplant operation is not considered to be painful. There are only some minor discomforts involves such as itchiness etc. Other than these minor issues there is not problems to be concerned with about the aftercare.


  • How Can I Speed Up the Healing after a Hair Transplant?

The best thing to do after a hair transplant operation is to strictly follow your post-operative instructions that are provided by your doctor. There is no better way to improve or speed up the process.

  • Life After Hair Transplant: What Can and Cannot Do?

It can be said that the newly implanted hair roots are secure after the first 14 days after a hair transplant operation. After this period there are only few restrictions left such as using sauna or swimming. It can be said that nearly everything is allowed after the first month. The only exception is getting a haircut. After the 3rd month you can have a haircut with scissors and only 6th month you can have a haircut with a machine.

  • How Many Days After a Hair Transplant the Grafts are Secure?

The healing process for a hair transplant considered to be 14 days. After this period, the grafts are mostly secure.

  • Can I Touch My Hair After a Hair Transplant?

Of course, you can touch your hair after a hair transplant. For the first 14 days, you should be gentle and careful. After the healing process (2 weeks), there are no restrictions about touching your hair.

  • How Do You Sleep After a FUE Hair Transplant?

Sleeping after a hair transplant might be not as comfortable for couple of days. As Drt Hair , we suggest our patients to sleep on their back and elevate their heads with pillow support from their neck. It is also really helpful to use a neck (travel) pillow with your regular pillow. Other than that, there are no restrictions or problems.

  • When Can I Drink Coffee After a Hair Transplant?

Coffee is not strictly restricted after a hair transplant; you can continue enjoying coffee the next day after your operation. In general, you should only refrain from drinking coffee on your operation day.

  • Can I Drink Alcohol After a Hair Transplant?

There are some post-operative restrictions on alcohol consumption after a hair transplant. Normally, you have to avoid alcohol for 7 days.